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Wheatgrass. Is it hype? No way! If you wonder why is wheatgrass good for you, you’ve come to the natural health hub for the real scoop, according to researchers and scientists. In this article, we’ll take a more in-depth look at the nutrition of wheatgrass, and dive deep into some scientific studies where wheatgrass helped patients. 

First, what is wheatgrass?

The Scientific name of wheatgrass (a chlorophyll-loaded plant) is Triticum aestivum. Exciting, right? We’ll let you figure out the pronunciation on that one.  

It’s known as the common wheat plant. Hard red spring wheat and hard red winter wheat berries are the go-to for wheatgrass juice connoisseurs. But we don’t let our wheatgrass get as tall as what you would see in a field.

When you’re juicing or drinking wheatgrass, you want to use the young leaves. These baby blades are grown for a few days for optimum taste and nutrition. Wheatgrass leaves are juiced when it’s between 4-6 inches tall. 

Wheatgrass nutrition

The juice from young wheatgrass blades is an incredible source of essential minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids. 

There are 17 amino acids in wheatgrass and eight of them are not produced by the body. They need to be consumed in food (or juice). They are known as essential amino acids.

Your body needs a cocktail of all of these amino acids, minerals, and vitamins to thrive. Four grams of wheatgrass have loads of chlorophyll, which can also stimulate your immune system. 

What are the benefits of wheatgrass?

While wheatgrass might not taste the same as chocolate chip cookies, wheatgrass has its own delicious healthy side and plenty of antioxidants.

This chart is only the tip of the health mountain that you’ll get from wheatgrass juice. You can discover wheatgrass nutrition facts here if you’re feeling geeky. 

Does wheatgrass help with cancer?

Wheatgrass is shown to support patients with a variety of health issues. 

In one study of terminally ill cancer patients in India, patients drank 30ml of juice from 5-day old leaves and roots of wheatgrass. Researchers gave this fresh wheatgrass juice to 400 cancer patients for six months. 

The 348 patients that finished the study had a statistically significant increase in total protein, hemoglobin, and albumin. The researches of this study concluded wheatgrass juice was an adequate substitute for a blood transfusion, and they encourage the consumption of wheatgrass for terminally ill patients. 

Other health benefits of wheatgrass

Ulcerative colitis patients in another wheatgrass study appeared to show benefits and no serious side effects of added wheatgrass. This wheatgrass trial was a double-blind placebo-controlled study in the Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology.

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Pune, India, did a test tube study with wheatgrass. The results supported the theory that wheatgrass can reduce oxidative damage to cells.

Wheatgrass juice may help weight loss.

Who would have thought wheatgrass could help you fit into your favorite black dress you haven’t worn for years?

In wheatgrass, you’ll also find thylakoids are in chlorophyll-containing leafy green plants, and they are what absorb sun rays to for photosynthesis. 

A small-scale study added thylakoids to a high-carb meal, and it increased that full-feeling in the overweight women in the study as opposed to the placebo group.

Can the human body digest wheatgrass?

You could probably eat young wheatgrass leaves, but would you want to? Juicing gives you the power shot of essential minerals and nutrients fast. 

Is wheatgrass gluten-free?

That is the big question asked by many gluten intolerant people. Wheatgrass juice is generally safe for people with gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. Wheat seeds contain gluten— not the grass. But we recommend consulting your doctor first and look for gluten-free products. 

The wheatgrass conclusion

The benefits of wheatgrass are many: supporting those with debilitating diseases and even weight loss. However, this article only touches on a few studies that show wheatgrass does the body good.

We believe wheatgrass juice supports a body with the essential vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll that we need to thrive. And it also tastes great when you add it to one of our favorite fresh juices— The Sunshine!