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You probably know juicing does your body good. If you’re already on the juice train, you know how it makes you feel.

If you’re thinking about juicing— we’re going to talk about the real benefits of juicing.

You’ll discover why fruits and vegetables are an excellent fuel source for your energy levels, natural vitamin intake, skin, and gut health. Yes!

Benefits of juicing once a day

When you’re juicing daily, it will give your body a blast of vitamins, proteins, omega-3, and omega -6 fatty acids, micronutrients, and so much more. Your body needs all these things, to thrive, heal, and detox. 

Many people add juice to their daily meals; they also talk about losing weight. When you take good care of your insides with the fuel your body needs, it’ll make you feel great on the inside. As a bonus, you’ll also look amazing on the outside. Your skin and eyes will glow.

ASU Student, Mata Stevens said she “experienced weight loss, clear skin, balanced hormone levels, normalized blood sugar levels, healthy vitamin levels, reduction in inflammation, a positive attitude and a decrease in daily pain.” 

benefits of juicing all these veggies

Benefits of juicing vegetables

When it comes to the benefits of juicing vegetables, you’re going to maximize your vitamins like wildfire. Eating veggies is great for you too, but imagine eating an entire bag of kale and how long that would take. You would be chewing all day like a cow eating grass.

Instead of spending hours eating all the veggies your body needs, you can drink juice. You’ll save time (and your body’s health) the easy way. 

Let’s talk about the nutritional value of kale for a minute. 

A single one-serving cup of kale packs on the nutrients. Kale (and all veggies and fruit) also have loads of other health-boosting properties. We’re going show you the Percent Daily Value (%DV) some of kale’s Vitamin and Mineral Nutrition. We’ve created an easy to scan chart, so you get the kale drift. 

Juicing is also an excellent way to get in some extra nutrients, especially if you (or your partner or children) don’t love vegetables.

You don’t have to do a juice fast to reap the many benefits of juicing. 

It’s easy to add juice to the meals you already have. Another way to get extra nutrition is to have juice instead of a snack in between meals. It’s chocked full of goodness and can take bad cravings away and will also make you feel full. 

Can you lose weight by juicing? 

If you’re counting calories, it can quickly reduce your intake in the food department

Many people have questions about losing weight with juice. So . . . 

What about juice diets?

The word “diet” isn’t our favorite word. Because so many people have had bad experiences with dieting. We like to think of it as “juicing for life” instead. When you juice for life, your body will thank you for it.

Many people do juice fasting and swear by it. 

Some drink juice only with no food intake at all. This type of fasting can last from 1 day to 30 days. Every person is different in what is healthy for their body. But science knows fruit and veggies decrease life-threatening illnesses.

Some people thrive and feel great when they eat meat, while others feel the most energized on a plant-based diet. 

Plants are beneficial to every body on the planet.

There was a study in the British Journal of Nutrition. The results showed enjoying seven glasses of juice per week can reduce your chance of cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease.

While subjects who had four to eight glasses of juice per week decreased their risk of stroke. If these aren’t good reasons to get your juice on, we don’t know what else is!

This article is only the tip of the juice iceberg when it comes to the benefits of juicing. So stay tuned to Get Fit’s blog for more trending info on juicing, Acai berries, and adding more fruit and vegetable to your meals every day. We want to make your juicing experience simple, delicious and fun. Check out our menu or our drive though at Get Fit Juices & Shakes in Morgantown, WV.